Our company has established for about 11 years,however, our service story could be retrospected to 2000.

Before the company formed, Mr. Vincent and Mr.Wang,the leader of iKode at present, were facing so many middle or small companies to pursuit the right way to business, however, the results of these companies were not very optimistic. Because of the solution methods missing, a lot of companies were forgotten by their former employees and the public. So Mr. Vincent tried to find an omnipotent way to solve the small business promotion problem. As a result, here comes the our company—iKode, and the suitable business solutions.

In the past 11 years, not only the email marketing software, but also some other business solutions are developed by our company. The original intention of our company was to let our partners achieve the business goal, so after a few years' effort, we could say confidently that we had made it.

Today, we have given more than 1000 companies the outstanding business solution, solved thousands of business problems. When we reviewed the achievement we have made in these years, we want to say: “Dear God, thanks for your appreciate. Dear friends, thanks for the lucky coincidence".

Focus on the people, focus on the value, focus on the communication and focus on the credit are our company’s duty. The affirmative from the customer, the value from the development and customer care service, the advice and the improvement from the communication, the build-up of the credit are all our creation motive power.

The fate of our company
  • No training for using our software.
  • No company size limitation for using our software.
  • No stopping creation for using our software.
  • No partners no our software.
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