• iKode Newsletter Server version 3.5 released  [Dec 25, 2012]

    The new updated version was equipped with several new added functions, which will be convenient to create campaigns, deliver emails and etc.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 3.4 released  [Nov 12, 2012]

    Based on the reflection from the customers, our development team paid main attention on quickening the speed of importing massive data.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 3.3 released  [Nov 10, 2012]

    Our development team worked around the clock for almost a month and finally brought us the iKode Newsletter Server 3.3 on November 9, 2012.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 3.2 released  [Aug 18, 2012]

    October 11, 2012, iKode Newsletter Server 3.2 was released.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 3.0 released  [Jul 4, 2012]

    Half year of 2012 past, our whole development team has dedicated themselves to the upgrades of our products. 

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 2.2 released  [May 7, 2012]

    After 4 months testing, we have fixed a lot of bugs and released the updated and fixed version - iKode Newsletter Server version 2.2.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 3.1 released  [Apr 28, 2012]

    Through 3 months hardworking of our developers, a newer version iKode Newsletter Server has met with you during the coming autumn, September 5, 2012.

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 2.0 released  [Dec 20, 2011]

    Merry Christmas! For the Christmas present, iKode just released the new update in the eve of Christmas Day. New updated version will be equipped with serval new added functions

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 1.1 released  [Sep 29, 2011]

    After one month's testing, we have fixed a lot of bugs and released the updated and fixed version - iKode Newsletter Server version 1.1

  • iKode Newsletter Server version 1.0 released  [Sep 22, 2011]

    After more than 1 year's incubation and development, the fully new software has been released out as the milestone in the history of iKode Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

  • iKode Newsletter X 2.3 Released  [May 31, 2011]

    After nearly one month effort by our technology department, we have already finished the iKode Newsletter software 2.3 updates and release out today. New function and optimized system can be found in this new updates.

  • iKode Newsletter X 2.2 Released  [May 18, 2011]

    We are proud to announce that the update from iKode Newsletter Software 2.1 to iKode Newsletter 2.2 is released and we offer every user a very easy and efficient way to achieve the successful Email Marketing Campaign.

  • iKode Newsletter X 2.1 Released  [Apr 8, 2011]

    The release of iKode Newsletter Software 2.1 marks a sign of big progress. It provides a more convenient way to start your Email Marketing Campaigns.

  • PHPKode Newsletter X 2.0 Released  [Mar 22, 2011]

    Today PHPKode Team are proud to announce the release of PHPKode Newsletter X 2.0.

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