How to pay the fee in the interior of the Site edition?

Payment access

If you have purchased the Site edition of iKode Newsletter Server and X, you may enable your customers to pay their email service fee in the interior of the software.

At first, you need to access from Online payment =>Payment Setting, which requires you to connect your Paypal account information to the software. Then when you finish up, you can create some online payment plan and options to your customers, such as if your customer want to buy 5000 credits, he or she needs to pay $20 via Paypal.

There are four types of the payment plan, and they are No limitation, Mail limited, Subscriber limited, credits. You may follow your true situation to give your customers your plan. When everything is done, your customer can pay the email service fee by themselves automatically. At last, both your customers and you can get the payment details and payment confirmation via email.

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Post on Dec 23, 2011
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