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Help Manual of iKode Newsletter Server

iKode New Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

How to Start

Thank you for using iKode Newsletter Software. To install the software,you will need to complete the following steps.

1, You should first enter our official site to download the software with a suitable edition, for example, if your operating system is Window XP/Server 2003/Vista/Win 7/Server 2008 with 32-bit, you should download the software ,the edition of Windows with 32-bit.

2, Double click setup file to run the installation application, you should follow every step in the installation application. More importantly, you must read the software license carefully.

3, Open your browser, input your local or public IP address or domain with the default port: 81 (e.g. or http://subdomain.yourdomain.com:81/), then you will open user login interface. Both the username and the password are 'admin' , if you have not change the default configuration, or you should operate following your operation.

4, When you signed in user interface, you should click 'Settings' / 'Standard Setting' tab to complete the initial configuration. The tutorial can be found in the last part of this help manual.


Fundamental view for iKode Newsletter server

From a basic view for iKode Newsletter server, you can find the main navigation bar at the left, the main operation area in the middle, and the simple tutorials. All you need is to understand the usage of the 5 main navigation tabs, because in the future, you will use the navigation tabs as your most close friend.

Newsletter: Here you can create a newsletter, handle your existed newsletters and your former email marketing campaigns. You can control the sending process in this section.

Member: In this section, you can import your customer resources, classify your subscribers and manage the Relationships with your customers.

Reports: After sending email, you can check the status of all your sent emails, the delivery rate, reading rate, click numbers , open area and etc.

Tools: Where you can import your designed newsletter HTML code, design the subscribe form for your site, and manage your database and your email list.

Setting: You can create new users and give them the email marketing service. Except the new user signs up, you can do other settings here. Meanwhile, the Cronjobs can be configured in setting section.



1, Installation Instructions

1),Extract the archive to a directory.

2),Upload all the files to any directory of your web server.

3),In default, the program will directly jump into installation interface. If the program cannot access the installation interface, please add /installer/ to the end of uploaded directly.

4),If installer reported 'Dir make failed.' on step 2, pleaes change the permissions of directory to 777. After install completed, change the permissions to 755.
(Notice: chmod 777 - some server do not allow this depending how php is running - please use 755 then!).

5),Following the steps of the instruction. See http://www.phpnewsletter.org/documents/.

6),After the installation, the program will access the front-end interface.

7),If you want to enter the back-end, you need to add /login/ to the end of your uploaded directly.


2, How to Set up cronjobs

When you finish the installation procedure, you need to set up cron jobs on your hosting.

*/2 * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q -t 1 http://yourwebsite.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=emailGenerator

*/2 * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q -t 1 http://yourwebsite.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=emailDelivery

5 * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q -t 1 http://yourwebsite.com/installation-folder/index.php?c=reportGenerator

Don't know how to add the cron jobs? Please See http://www.hosting.com/support/plesk/crontab or http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs/CronJobs


1, If you run the software on the virtual host, please add your server IP into 'IP allow list' on 'Settings' / 'Standard Setting' tab.


3, How to Login



Create Campaigns

1, How to create a new campaign

1),Make sure you are successfully logged in and in the 'Newsletter' tab.

2), Click 'Create new newsletter'

3), There are three steps to finish a new campaign configuration. Choose which category you want to send, enter the email subject, select the delivery inforamtion (from name, reply address etc.). At the same time, you can handle the accounts through the button lay on the right of drop-down menu of email account .If you ensure your handle, then click 'Next Step'.

4), The second step is to design your newsletter. If you have already had the template content and frame, you can just copy the HTML code () into the editor. At the top of the newsletter template editor, there are few insert Tags, which allow the software match the information with your email list. For example, if you insert a tag 'Insert member the first name', when you click the 'Send' button, all the first name in the email list can be added automatically, no need for you to input the tags manually.

In the other hand, if you want to use our templates as your email carrier, double click the email templates to continue. The configuration steps are the same as the above.

When you finish the editing work, you can click to preview your newsletter.

5), If you want to send your subscribers your brochures or white books, you can add the materials as attachments in the newsletter. The maximum size of each upload file is 2.0Mb.

6), Click 'Next step', you will enter the last step in the newsletter sending process. First of all, select the links you want to track in this page to abundant your tracking data. Next, you can send test emails to some ISPs to examine and check your newsletter status; click 'Send Preview' to continue.Lastly, when you finish the testing, you can choose between sending immediately and sending scheduled, which is suitable for your customers who are not living in the same time zone as you are. After completing the configuration, click 'Finish' to go back to the interface of 'All Newsletters' in 'Newsletter' tab.

2, How to edit a campaign?

When you are in the sending procedure, in some other brand of newsletter, the procedure cannot be modified at all. However, in our software, you can suspend the sending procedure to rewrite the newsletter.

1), Make sure you are in 'Newsletter' tab.

2), Then you click 'Paused' to view all your paused newsletter campaign, choose one then edit it like 'How to create a new campaign'.

3), There are three email campaign statuses in iKode Newsletter Server, 'Pending', 'Draft' and 'Completed', You can edit the content of newsletter when the campaign are in the 'Pending' and 'Draft' statuses, not in 'Completed' status. From 'All Newsletters' in 'Newsletter' tab, you will see all details about every email campaign, including the email status, email category, email scheduled time, email sents/unsents, link to email reports, and four actions about editing, deleting, details and pausing.

3, How to delete/start an existed campaign?

Sometimes, you want to save your incomplete email campaign as the draft in order to edit in the next time. The draft can be saved in our database without time limitation.

1), Make sure you are in 'Newsletter' tab.

2), Click 'All newsletters' to view your newsletter and choose which are you want to edit or delete. You cannot edit the email marketing campaign with 'Completed' status.

3), You can view, edit and delete the draft newsletter in 'Draft' section. When you try to modify the draft, the software will automatically start at the step which you have finished at last time, which can give you the inspiration.


Manage Customer Resources

1, How to create a new subscriber?

1), Make sure you are in 'Member' tab.

2), First of all, click 'Manage Category', you can view all your categories in the right section. Also you can choose to create a new category.

3), Click 'Create New category', you will enter a page for you to input the name and description of the new category.

Most importantly, you should decide whether this new created category is visible or not, which means if the category is visible, it can be added in your subscribe form to let your subscribers select which type of email list they want to join. You can change the email list's visibility using and .

2, How to create a new customer?

Not all customer resource can be added from the subscribe form. As a big company, you must have your own customer resources. Hence, you can add them into the database for the further promotion.

1), Make sure you are in 'Member' tab.

2), Click 'Manage Member', you can view all your exist members here. Of cause you can add new members here.

3), Click 'Add Member' to import the customer resource with more details, click to import one file whose name's suffix is '.csv' and it contains all your customer resources,you must ensure all these requirements.

The format of an import file, must follow the sample we have already provided to you in the system. Additionally, the system will automatically filter the duplicate subscribers. You will never mind the subscriber repetition. In the creation process, the system require you to mark whether the member is confirmed or not, which means you can decide whether the recipient can receive your newsletter or not.

3, How to export members?

When you want to back up your customer resource, you can export the data out as one back up file.

1), Make sure you are in 'Member' tab.

2), Click 'Export Member' and choose the time period, then click 'Download' to save the exported members data to file.In the page,you can find several conditions for you to download precise materials you need.

4, How to manage the unsubscribed member?

In the email sending campaign, someone may want to unsubscribe your newsletter. In this situation, you can click 'Unsubscribed' to see which kind of newsletter or subscribers easily leaded to subscribe and change the newsletter sending strategy accordingly.

Tracking Reports

1, How to display the email delivery rate reports

In iKode Tracking system, you can easily view the tracking details of each email marketing campaign.

1), Make sure you are in 'Reports' tab.

2), Click 'Reports' and then click 'Email Delivery', you can choose the display format, Hours or Daily. When you want to view more detailed records, click, which will lead you to see the email marketing campaign or for the sending period. Then the software will show a graph at the top of the items to exhibit you the data details directly .

2, How to display the email reading rate reports

In iKode Tracking system, you can track whether your newsletters are opened or not. The reading rate tracking system will provide you the analysis data for optimizing email marketing.

1), Make sure you are in 'Reports' tab.

2), Click 'Read tracking' then choose the time period or different email marketing campaign.

Not only the reading tracking data can be shown, but also other tracking details, like reading area, reading times.

3, How to display the email clicking numbers reports

How to know which link in your newsletter you have already decided to track is more popular and welcome? From iKode Newsletter server, you can get the click number information easily.

1), Make sure you are in 'Reports' tab.

2), Make sure you have chosen the links which you want to track when you create a new email campaign.

3), Click 'Click Tracking', you can choose the exact time period and email marketing campaign to get the tracking number information.

Furthermore, you can check the click top board if you have selected more than two links when you create the new email campaign in your newsletter.



1, How to create an email template

If you have already designed an email newsletter templates with your company logo or some specified features, you can import the HTML code into the system.

1), Make sure you are in 'Tools' tab.

2), Give your email template a name to identify.

3), Choose one thumbnail picture for your newsletter templates to make your future selection more convenient.

4), Click 'Newsletter Template' and then click 'Create new Template', all you need now is copying your HTML code into content area, the system will generate the templates spontaneously.

5), For email template, you may choose whether your imported template code is shared or not. If you don’t want your email template to be used by the public, you don’t need to mark the option below the template editor. Otherwise, mark the option as you will.

After that, when you want to use the imported newsletter template, you can directly select it by double click when you create a new newsletter campaign.

2, How to create a Subscribe Form

Subscribe Form is used to collect the site visitors' message who have interest in your products. As one kind of API integration, you can generate the form in multiple shapes as you like.

1), Make sure you are in 'Tools' tab.

2), Click 'Generated Form' and choose which items you want to add in the form. You can select the form width, form title, visible email categories, the unsubscribed link and the link to change the subscribers' email address.

3), Click 'Generate', and then in the right area one subscribe form will appear,where you can copy the HTML code into your site to collect the customer resources through switch the tab button, and get the html code.

3, How to clean the mailing list

In the email sending procedure,if there is no denying,then the bounces and bad email addresses can appear. How to decline the unvalued newsletters, how to raise the newsletter sending rate? You should clean up your database periodically.

1), Make sure you are in 'Tools' tab.

2), Click 'Mailing List Cleanup' and choose which option you want to clean. There are two items in the mailing list cleanup, remove unsubscribed member and remove the bounced email address. If you want to alter the cleanup option, please click link.

3), Click 'Remove' to finish the cleanup work. The rest work can bedone by the system itself.

4, How to maintain the database

Not only can you export the customer resource out as the backup, but also you can save all your data in the system for future system upgrade.

1), Make sure you are in 'Tools' tab.

2), Click 'Database maintenance', you have three options: Backup/Optimize, Restore, Remove Logs. You may choose one option to continue. After that, you can save the database backup in your computer to enhance the data security.



1, How to change your own profile and password

In order to enable the software to operation maximally, you should set of all configurations well before using .

1), Make sure you are in 'Settings' tab.

2), Click 'Standard Setting', you can change company name, software back-stage website, copyright information, page title,software installation path, Product ID, mail from name, mail from address, reply address, and other items to track the newsletter, Captcha to enhance the security, the language selection and so on.

3), In iKode, every user has one unique User key as the Cronjobs identification, click 'Change Profile', you can change your First name, email address, company information and other related information.

4), Click 'Change password' to enter the interface to alter your password.

2, How to create one user

In enterprise edition, you can create more accounts to manage the system asynchronously parallelity.If you want to enable your each department or authority agencies to manage the system separately, you can create some accounts for them to let them send their own newsletters. For resellers, after you purchase the site edition, you can provide other people the email sending service. So you can bring your clients the newsletter service with limited sending credit and expire date.

1), Make sure you are in 'Setting' tab.

2), Click 'User manager', and then click 'Add user', you must enter the user name, password, first name, email address.At the same time you can also enter the relevant company information and other related information. Most importantly, you must select a credit type(also you can enter a related credits under it) and expire date, because these two item are related to your business and your contract, if you have.

3), When you finish the configuration section, clicking 'Create Now' to exit. Give the account name and password to your customers to allow them enter the email marketing campaign.

3, How to create email sending information

In fact, iKode Newsletter has built-in email server. You may have to create more sending information.

1), Make sure you are in 'Setting' tab.

2), Click 'Email Sending' and then 'Add sending account', () you can set the mail from name and reply address to complete one SMTP account.

4, How to create a new area

In order to classify the members more thoroughly, you can add the VIP members in the specified area or give them some special symbols to distinguish.

1), Make sure you are in 'Setting' tab.

2), Click 'Area Manager' and 'Create a new area', () then you are in the new area adding interface. Give your customers some insignias here to manage your email list more scientifically.

3), When you want to add a new area or symbol to your customer, click 'Member', then 'Add member', there is one item about the area configuration, select the suitable tag for your customer.

Tips: the symbol of every user is not like thoes who have already existed in the email list with the sign as the same as the email list name. The symbol can distinguish the different customers' activities in order to give them more right newsletters.

5, How to custom the unsubscribed form

In iKode, if someone unsubscribe your newsletter, you may want to know why, because only when you know the reason can you optimize the further email marketing campaign. You can custom the unsubscription form as you need even the input-box length and type.

1), Make sure you are in 'Settings' tab.

2), Click 'Custom Field' and 'Create a new field' () to select the filed type, such as text box, check box, radio button, select box, text area, password box and hidden field. The width and the default values can also be changed.

6, New User Sign up

When you purchase our site edition, one thing can be allowed is the new user sign up. If people as your customers want to ask for the newsletter sending service from you, they can directly sign up as the user when they are in the login interface. After that process, they can sign in your system as the trial users. Under the default configuration, the trial users have 200 newsletters to start the newsletter campaign, if they want to continue the newsletter service from you after the trial, you can change the user profile to increase his credits for them. Of cause, the credit price can be determined by you.

1), Make sure you are in 'Settings' tab.

2), Click 'User manager',and follow the steps as the same as 'How to create a new user' above.


Payment access

If you have purchased the Site edition of iKode Newsletter Server and X, you may enable your customers to pay their email service fee in the interior of the software.

At first, you need to access from Online payment => Option Setting, which requires you to connect your Paypal account information to the software. Then when you finish up, you can create some online payment plan and options to your customers, such as if your customer want to buy 5000 credits, he or she needs to pay $20 via Paypal.

There are four types of the payment plan, and they are No limitation, Mail limited, Subscriber limited, credits. You may follow your true situation to give your customers your plan. When everything is done, your customer can pay the email service fee by themselves automatically. At last, both your customers and you can get the payment details and payment confirmation via email.

See the demo, please click here.