Our document contained lots of real customer experience, which can help you to finish the email campaign more thoroughly and can also give you some proliferate ideas. From the case below and the White book introduction, we believe you will find the key determination of the email marketing.

  • ikode Newsletter Server White Book  NEW!
  • Click to download our official White book. You will see our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive presentation in the white book, which can help you to get more details of our solutions.

  • The Way To Do My Business Via Email Marketing 
  • A university student, as one of our site edition customer, sent us a letter about his email marketing experience when he just was a student. In the university, he purchased our site edition as his email marketing carrier to give his colleagues this newsletter service and have reached the great achievement.

  • Email Marketing gives me another chance to pursuit the success 
  • The customer of our site edition purchaser, who just graduated from school and faced to the society, gave us his undertaking experiences. In his experience, you could realize how important the email marketing was and what a low cost if you started the email marketing sending service.

  • As An Exhibition Manager, How To Send The Invitations To Your Customers 
  • One exhibition manager share his experiences about how to proliferate the exhibitions in his exhibition center. In his share, you can see when everybody can use the email marketing efficiently, the business expand is one easy thing.

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